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1. What is MLP?

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February 2014



*** What is MLP? ***


MLP - Multi Love Pose - " is a set of scripts and configuration files that enable you to put multiple poses, with different animations and avatar positions for each pose, into an object such as furniture or a HUD. Poses are selected by menu. “( from MLPV2 Wiki page)


To achieve that task, MLP is using the poseballs, rezzed from the object that contains MLP scripts.


Mostly used for sex beds, MLP is way more than just a sex engine. It has ability to rez props, play sounds and handling the sequences. It may be used for 1 up to 6 avatars.


MLP will not work with moving objects, only static ones. For example, if you want to use MLP in rocking chair, that actually rocks, avatar will stay still, sitting on the poseball, not following the rocking of the chair.


At this moment, MLP is the only set of scripts that will work as described above in OpenSim grids.


Using of MLP will ask only to handle configurations of the needed notecards. No scripting is needed at all!



 *** About creator and license ***


 From MLPV2 Wiki page


The MLP 2.x line was developed by Lear Cale over a period of three years ranging from early spring 2008 until December 2010. There have been no additional versions since then, with the latest version being 2.5c.


MLPV2 is freeware based on Miffy Fluffy's MLP; MLP is gnu-licensed.





2. First rezzing of MLP

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February 2014


*** First rezzing of MLP ***


So, you rezzed your fresh copy of MLP. Even it shows little hand with pointing finger (sign there are some scripts in the object when you hover over it), it will remain silent on all your trials to click it and start it.


MLP you got is coming with not running scripts. You need to kick it and wake it up.


- Select MLP box

- Go to "Tools" menu button at the top of your screen, and click to open dropdown menu.

- In the bottom section of the Tools menu, find line - Set Scripts to Running in Selection.  Click it. The window will appear. It will show the list of the scripts that are setting to run. When it is finished, the word "Done" will show on the bottom of the list. When it does, click Close button on the bottom of that window.


Set scripts to running usually take a split of second. It may take bit longer thou if there is a lag present.


While on "Tools" menu, there is one more very important option that you should know about - Reset Scripts in Selection, or, commonly known as "kick the script" option.  Script may get stuck sometimes, and they need to be reset to get back to right way.


Be warned - using Reset Scripts in Selection is clearing up the memory of the MLP, so be sure you saved your positions on the notecard before you kick the scripts!!


So, let’s try:


- Select your MLP prim

 - Go to Tools menu button on the top of your screen. Click it

 - In the last section of the drop down menu, find Reset Scripts in Selection option

 - Click it

 - Reset progress window will show

 - When you see word "Done" on the end of the list, you may close the window.


 We are now ready for the first MLP touching :)





3. MLP - first touch

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February 2014


After waking up the scripts, MLP is ready for the first touch. Go ahead. Touch it. Don’t jump of the chair cause of all that text showing all over your screen. MLP starts talking to you. Actually, it is reading configuration notecards, and tells you what is he reading (well, yes, I love to think about MLP as "him").


- it will list all the .MENUITEM notecard it reads

- will list all the .POSITION notecards as well

- it will warn you if you have some animations/props/sounds missing from content, and will tell you it is ok for inbuilt animations, but to check otherwise.

- will warn you if you have more poses with the same name

- will scream you have double default position setups

- etc, etc


Let it say whatever MLP has to say and wait till it tell you it is ready! It will say: MLPV2.4z4 IW.b: READY in blue text.


Touch it again for menu!


And finally, there is a MLP Main Menu on your screen! What it contains in this moment are some example buttons that will show you the part of what MLP can do. Let’s see what we have in there at this point.


Button Example ...  will open submenu that contains some 2 avatar sits, example of rezed props and played sound, as well as some very useful system buttons - SWAP, STOP, BACK.


Button Tours ... will open submenu with sequence examples. It will require two avatars, and will not start animation till second avatar takes its place. Also, you will see some sequence specific buttons: PAUSE and RESUME, together with the SWAP, STOP, BACK buttons.


Button 6way will open submenu where you will find example of 6 rezzed balls, for 6 different avatars.


Button adj-default - we will talk about that one in a bit


Button STOP - will stop MLP and derez all the balls


Button OPTIONS - will be theme of separate explanation.


Still alive? OK, let’s move on.



4. MLP - First look into content

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February 2014


***  First look into content ***


Let see what is in the bowel of MLP whale. Open the content of MLP prim.


Stop cursing and get back on that chair. Of all that list of notecards you see in this moment, you will need to keep only two! Everything else is in your hands. Beside long list of the notecards, you will also see some animations, sound, some objects and ton of scripts.


- Scripts: all you should worry about is that you do not delete some of them, as MLP will not work


- Notecards: all you need to keep from those are .MENUITEMS - that controls MLP as such and OPTIONS menu and

                        - .POSITIONS notecards that holds default positions of all 6 poseballs.


- Animations, sounds, props - you will learn to add the one you want/need. Animations have to be in the content menu, sounds and props are optional, and won't be theme of this level.  


- Objects - object named ~ball is in fact the ball that will be rezzed in MLP using. There is only one in content. The same one will be rezzed for all your needs either you use 1 or 6 avatars. It is scripted object and will do what you tell it to do. The one is all you need. Do not delete it!


Object ~MLP Tools - additional needed scripts, as it is stated in the title of the object is just a box with some additional and useful MLP scripts. We will cover only part of them on this level. It doesn’t have to be in MLP, but it is always useful to be in your inventory.


You will control MLP with .MENUITEMS.*** and .POSITIONS.*** notecards ( where *** represents whatever word  you want to) , your own notecards that will contain the setting you want.


But, let’s take one step back, and get known better with the OPTIONS menu






5. Options menu

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February 2014


In the main menu, you will see OPTIONS button, in capital letters. It is controlled by system  .MENUITEMS notecard. Remember, there is nothing for you in .MENUITEMS notecard in this point to be touched, just don't delete it.


OPTIONS menu is available for the owner only. It contains some permission buttons as well as some very important tools you will need as a builder.


Let’s click it and open it


- BallUsers - by clicking the button, owner will be able to decide who could use the balls. The options are: Group and All. The chosen option will be chatted on the screen.


- MenuUsers - by clicking the button, owner will be able to decide who could use the menu. The options are: Owner, Group and All. The chosen option will be chatted on the screen.


- Adjust Pos, Dump Pos, Save Pos - three most used tools buttons that will enable you to set position of animations. Detailed tutorial follows.


- Height - will open submenu  for adjusting the height of all poseballs


- Dumps Prop, Save Prop - prop tools. Will not be covered on this level.


- Chat Info - clicking the button will turn on/off chat of the object.


- ShutDown ... will open submenu with the following options:


         - Pose Reset - will refresh memory and load new setting for animation from .POSITIONS.*** notecards

         - Menu Reset - will refresh memory and load new setting for menus from .MENUITEMS.*** notecards


 Pose Reset  and Menu Reset will shorten your work time. After saving your configurations in notecards, you will need  MLP to load the new configurations. Very often, those shortcut buttons are time savers comparing to restart everything from MLP and wait everything to load into memory.


         - Restart - will restart complete MLP and all notecards

         - ConfigCheck - will check configurations and reset , loading setting from .POSITIONS and .PROPS notecards

         - ShutDown! - will shut down the MLP, derezing all rezzed balls


 At this point you don't need to learn any of this. In short we will pay attention to what you really need of this list as MLP beginner.        



6. Menu Buttons

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February 2014


Before we move on, it would be good moment to point to menu buttons needed for user to have control over menus. It is up to you to add them to each and every menu you configure, they will not be set by default.


STAND - Will stand up avatar, with MLP still working, and balls rezzed

STOP - Stands up all avatars, derezes all balls, and shuts up the MLP

BACK - Brings previous menu

SWAP - Swaps avatars. For example in couple animation, after clicking this button, female will take over male animation and position and male will take over female animation and position.


Sequence buttons - used only in sequences:


PAUSE - will pause sequence staying in current pose

RESUME - continues with the next pose


Enough theory. Let’s make some job done!



7. Preparing MLP

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February 2014


***  Preparing MLP ***


What you have in front of you is an example MLP, but before we start you need to get rid of unnecessary parts.


- Delete all .MENUITEMS.*** notecards but .MENUITEMS it self - it is first on the list, you will not touch it in anyway but it has to remain in MLP


- Delete all .POSITIONS.*** notecards but .POSITIONS it self - it contains the default positions. Those ones will have to be changed


- Delete all animations and sounds


- Delete all objects but object named ~ball


- Reset MLP from Tools menu, or using reset button from OPTIONS/ShutDown/Reset. Personally, in this case I prefer Tools menu.


Take copy in your inventory, you don’t want to lose time on this step every time you want to make something, right?



8. Step 1 - Think about your project

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February 2014


***  Step 1 - Think about your project ***


 It is very important to have more or less clear vision of what you actually want to make. Is it only single avatar seat? Sex bed? Mix of singles and couples? In what order you want your menus? What animations you want to use? Of course, you don’t have to be 100% sure, but don’t start if you are not at least 75 % sure in what you want to make.


In purpose of this tutorial, let’s imagine we are making chair with:

- female single sits

- male single sits

- chats made out of animations used for female and male single sits

- couple cuddles

 - sex animations

 So, we will have 5 different menus, all shown on the main menu. It is time to add some animations to our MLP



9. Step 2- Adding animations

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February 2014


*** Step 2 - Adding animations ***


 - Open content of MLP and drop animations from your inventory in it


 - You may save original names of animations if you wish, or, if animation is not modify. Actually, no modify animations will prevent only to change their names, there is no other way you could modify animation at all.


- If you are changing the names of animations, note that MLP does not stand any symbols like [], # - in a word all of what is used in titles of [RNP] Animations. I am naming my animations in a way to be easily found in your inventory, not to do what designers should do.


- Animations will show in the MLP content in alphabetical order. Naming them right way, you can group them clearly and save yourself a lot of time, as there will be a lot of copy/paste of animation names.


Example: let’s say we have 3 female sits, 3 male sits, 3 couple and 3 sex animations. For female and male single sits I like to use this form: F1, F2, F3, M1, M2, M3.  For couples that would be: C1F, C1M where 1 stands for first couple animation, C for couple animation, and F/M for gender. Similar for sex animations: S1F, S1M. That way I always have my animations clearly grouped, and I am not losing my time on searching them. But, over time you will develop your own system, of course. For the purpose of this tutorial, I'll use mine. Of course:)


- There are two ways you can rename animations when they are already in the content of the object. One is to right click on the animations, click rename, give it a new name and then wait for name to refresh, It can be very frustrating when MLP is filled with animations.

Second way is to select group of animations - or all of them - right click and choose properties. All properties windows of selected animations will open, and it will be much easier for you to handle renaming.



10. Step 3 - Naming of Menuitems notecards

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February 2014


***  Step 3 - Naming of Menuitems notecards***


1. Create new notecard in your inventory and drop it in MLP prim


2. Be sure to name it properly:


.MENUITEM.***( where *** is anything you want )  - compared to system .MENUITEM notecard, your  menuitem's notecard name will have two additional elements - dot after "menuitem" word, and description. You must be careful as it is case and space sensitive. Let see some possible errors:


.MENUITEMfemale - no dot

.MENUITEM.  female - space

.Menuitem.female - menuitem not written in capital letters


.MENUITEM.Female - the right naming


In the purpose of this tutorial we will use 5 menuitems notecards:







You might use .MENUITEM.*** notecards as much as you need. Also, you can do your entire configuration on one .MENUITEM.*** notecard. It is matter of your choice. For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using separate notecards for each menu we are creating.



11. Step 4 - Menu Configuration

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February 2014


In case I didn’t mention before, menu configurations is achieved trough .MENUITEMS.*** notecards. This configuration will tell MLP:


  - what buttons and menus to create

  - what animations will be used for what pose

  - how menu and what balls should be rezzed




  In case of female single sits, the opening line would be:


  MENU Female | ALL | PINK




-  MENU is command for MLP to create new Menu


-  Female is name you are giving to menu


-  ALL - indicates if will be available to all. Owner can change that later via proper menu, but it will remain set to all users by default.


-  PINK - MLP will rezz the pink poseball


For male single sits menu, configuration would be like this:




Be sure all your menus and buttons in MLP have different names, or MLP might get confused and fail to act as you want.


Of course, it is possible to create submenu easily, but let’s understand the basics first ok?




Ok, we created and empty menu, and it is time to tell MLP we want a button for each pose, and what animations should be played on that button. So, the basic line for that would be


POSE Dreaming | F1




- POSE is command for creating Button

- Dreaming is the name that will show on the button - name it as you wish

- F1 is the name of animation as it is in the content of MLP prim!


You must understand that scripts do not read mind, they read what you write. So, be super careful - the name of animation in the line must match exactly as it is in the content of MLP prim.


At the end, you have to provide user a way to move around menus, so we will add following buttons at the end of the menu:





The order of the buttons is not important, but, they are case sensitive!


So, our female single sits menu would look like this:


 MENU Female | ALL | PINK


 POSE Dreaming | F1

 POSE Coffee | F2

 POSE Scratch | F3






or, for a male:




POSE Reading | M1

POSE Jump | M2

POSE NosePicking |M3






But what about couples animations? In part 12, please:)


12. Step 5 - Menu Configuration - COUPLES

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February 2014


We learned what are meaning of menu commands in Part 10. Beside we have to add command for rezzing of 2 balls, there is no difference.


***  Step 4 - Menu Configuration - COUPLES ***



Drop new note in content of MLP prim, and name it .MENUITMES.Couples


So, opening line in creating menu for couples would be:


MENU Couples | ALL | BLUE | PINK


Please note: positions set up will follow the order given in this line, so, the first set of position and rotation setup will refer to male poseball, and the second set to female poseball.


And we continue with setting up menu button and animation choice:


POSE Cuddle | C1M | C1F

POSE Kiss | C2M | C2F

Pose Hug | C3M | C3F


etc, etc ...etc


Note that order of Male/Female animations is following the same order from opening line


And, at the end, to give some control to users we will add system buttons:







Note that we didn't use SWAP button in singles menu, as there is no anything to swap with.


All that previous theory cause of this??? I hear you, but I also think it is important to understand few things before we can do them in practice.


And now, the hard part - POSITIONS!



13. Step 6 - Adjust positions

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February 2014


*** Adjust Positions ***


There is no other way to explain this but step by step, so let’s start


1. Choose pose from the menu

2. Sit on the rezzed ball

* or sit on the ball and choose pose, it really doesn’t matter

3. Go back to Main menu

4. Click on OPTIONS button to open Options menu

5. Click Adjust Pos button - the beam in corresponding color will show ( corresponding with the ball you are sitting at)


Use object manipulation tools to set the pose in wanted positions.


6. Click Save Pos button in Options menu. MLP will chat the position on the screen.


At this point, there are two approaches to configuring .POSITIONS.*** notecard.


As the position is already chatted on the screen, you may copy it from the local chat window and paste it into .POSITIONS.*** notecard, or, you might want to finish with part of the job and click Dump Pos button in Options menu. Whatever you choose:


7. Open local chat window, copy positions and paste them into .POSITIONS.*** notecard. Save notecard.

8. When you finish with positioning of the animations, you need to load them into the memory of MLP. So, in order to MLP re-read new positions:

- Click ShutDown Button in Options menu

- Choose Pos Reset Button and be patient till MLP finish the job


But, let me explain structure of position line. Let's say we have set up position for single sit:


{F1} <0.27,0.925,0.02> <-90.,5.5,0.>


{NameOf thePose as it is configured in .MENUITEMS.*** notecard} <x,y,z position> <x,y,z rotation>


For couple animation it would be:

{C1} <0.27,0.925,0.02> <-90.,5.5,0.> <-0.106,1.264,0.874> <-7.2,2.5,-85.7>


{NameOf thePose as it is configured in .MENUITEMS.*** notecard} <MALE x,y,z position> <MALE x,y,z rotation> <FEMALE x,y,z position> <FEMALE x,y,z rotation>



Please note: in this line we have two sets of positions and rotations. First set will apply to Male poseball, and second set for Female poseball. Why in this order? Because opening line in .MENUITEMS.*** notecards say so:


MENU Couples | ALL | BLUE | PINK |


In standard poseballs symbolic, Blue color of the poseball will always refer to male one, and pink to female one.


Setting single animation is simple, but what about couples? Simply, set them to wanted position according to each other, than, select both beams with the shift button and place them on the object. Don’t forget to click Save Pos button!


Before we finish this tutorial, let's review some tips and tricks
















14. Tips&Tricks

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February 2014


*** COMMENTS ***


Line starting with // in .MENUITEMS.*** and .POSITIONS.*** notecard will be ignored by MLP. Use them to add personal comments, for example:


// female single sits


// finished


// God, is there anybody else, who actually speaks English, to write this tutorial!!

Got it? :)




Face expressions are not the part of full perm animation you want to work with, they are meant to be added with the scripts and they are not part of animator’s job. Yes, they may be added in animation upload window, but expression will play only once, and about 1 second. So, you have to choose them and add them manually to .MENUITEMS.*** notecard, like this:


 POSE C1 | M3::21|F3::21


IMPORTANT: Be sure there is NO space between animation names and face expression code!!!!


Full list of MLP available Face Expressions codes may be found here:


*** Synchronization ***


Unfortunately, there is no auto function inbuilt in MLP that will synch couple animations, they have to be resynch manually, by switching between animations. Yes, there is a trick to force two avatars to start animation together, but, it is connected to usage of the sequences, and they are not part of this tutorial.

*** Adjust default positions ***

Before you even think to start using MLP, there is one neccesary step - to adjust default positions. There is big chance you will end up upsidedown when you jump first time on MLP poseball. Correct default positions using Adjust Position tools as for any other animation, save your postions and copy them in .POSITIONS notecard. After re-loading MLP, you are free to delete .MENUITEMS.zz-default notecard.

*** MLP TOOLS ***


Among other usefull things, the first one and the one you must use everytime is script: ~MLPT-AnimPermCheck . After you finish your creation, be sure to drop this script in MLP prim. It iwill check animation perms and will notify you if there are animations with the wrong perms - meaning Copy AND Transfer.  Please note - according to TOS you are not allowed to transfer any animations with copy AND transfer perms - you have to set only one of those.

*** MORE INFO ***


After this tutorial, you are ready to move further on your own. Props, sounds, sequences, more options, more complex usage on MLP, more info ... you will find on those pages:




I am not a builder. I am not a teacher. I am an animator, who heard : " Hey, I got your animations, but have no clue what to do with them" too Manu times. As I could not find anybody who is teaching MLP in IW, I was forced to write this tutorial for beginners. So, for more advanced techniques - ask builders. For troubleshooting - ask builders. Even I do have knowledge and skills to use MLP to the maximum, I am not furniture maker, and my experience with troubles  MLP might have is not very rich. I'll tell you just one thing - [RNP] Animations do not control MLP, and can not cause any trouble. Whatever problem you have, search for it in the animations names and configuration notecards. Very often grid itself may cause you trouble. So - join the right groups, ask for help and scream all over IW you need more advanced MLP classes. Maybe someone will hear you. I was not heard, and I ended up writing this tutorial. Hope you will find it helpful :)


Happy building!


RohanaRaven Zerbino

[RNP] Animations