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6. Menu Buttons

Posted by Rohana Raven on February 23, 2014 at 9:55 AM

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February 2014


Before we move on, it would be good moment to point to menu buttons needed for user to have control over menus. It is up to you to add them to each and every menu you configure, they will not be set by default.


STAND - Will stand up avatar, with MLP still working, and balls rezzed

STOP - Stands up all avatars, derezes all balls, and shuts up the MLP

BACK - Brings previous menu

SWAP - Swaps avatars. For example in couple animation, after clicking this button, female will take over male animation and position and male will take over female animation and position.


Sequence buttons - used only in sequences:


PAUSE - will pause sequence staying in current pose

RESUME - continues with the next pose


Enough theory. Let’s make some job done!



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