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2. First rezzing of MLP

Posted by Rohana Raven on February 23, 2014 at 9:55 AM

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February 2014


*** First rezzing of MLP ***


So, you rezzed your fresh copy of MLP. Even it shows little hand with pointing finger (sign there are some scripts in the object when you hover over it), it will remain silent on all your trials to click it and start it.


MLP you got is coming with not running scripts. You need to kick it and wake it up.


- Select MLP box

- Go to "Tools" menu button at the top of your screen, and click to open dropdown menu.

- In the bottom section of the Tools menu, find line - Set Scripts to Running in Selection.  Click it. The window will appear. It will show the list of the scripts that are setting to run. When it is finished, the word "Done" will show on the bottom of the list. When it does, click Close button on the bottom of that window.


Set scripts to running usually take a split of second. It may take bit longer thou if there is a lag present.


While on "Tools" menu, there is one more very important option that you should know about - Reset Scripts in Selection, or, commonly known as "kick the script" option.  Script may get stuck sometimes, and they need to be reset to get back to right way.


Be warned - using Reset Scripts in Selection is clearing up the memory of the MLP, so be sure you saved your positions on the notecard before you kick the scripts!!


So, let’s try:


- Select your MLP prim

 - Go to Tools menu button on the top of your screen. Click it

 - In the last section of the drop down menu, find Reset Scripts in Selection option

 - Click it

 - Reset progress window will show

 - When you see word "Done" on the end of the list, you may close the window.


 We are now ready for the first MLP touching :)





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