[RNP] Terms of Service

Builder's version animations are sold with full perms in order for them to be used to their full potential.

All animations are for Creation.  Anything you build with them you are free to sell or give away.  

Before you sell or give away your creation, you have an OBLIGATION to set permission for every animation you are using for your creation. In Content Tab of the object, right click the animation and set COPY OR TRANSFER permission. You are NOT allowed to set both! Setting both Copy and Transfer permissions is TOS violation by it self.


* Copy means you can use a animation multiple times. Without that permission, an animation would be gone once it is used.
* Modify  means you can change animation name to meet your needs if you are using menu
* Transfer means that second person can resell or give away your creation  

Transfer does NOT mean you can give or sell the animation 'as'  standalone animation to friends or sell to customers. Selling or giving away The Nest of the Raven [RNP] animations is against [RNP] TOS and a is copyright infringement. We reserve the right to have Linden Lab remove any content that we believe goes against these rules in accordance with DCMA. Please see http://secondlife.com/corporate/dmca.php for more information.

Happy Building!
[RNP] The Nest of the Raven

[RNP] Disclaimer

[RNP] Animations assumes no responsibility for:

⋙  your knowledge about additional items/scripts/animation systems needed for usage of the animation

⋙ your choice of preferred animation system

⋙  preferred viewer, your internet /sim performance, viewer cash, computer capabilities

⋙ avatar shape/clothes/shoes/heel hight/mesh body/body fixes/body add-ons of your choice

⋙  your lack of time to read provided info or to try demo in the shop

⋙ your shopping style/investment decisions

⋙ bad weather, lousy days, family members in the room when you are opening adult content, poor memory, group join/subscribing decisions, tight pants/shoes, frog in the drawer, your dog/cat nor your children.

About animations

Most of [RNP] Animations are scene based, up to 60 seconds long. With the Priority 4 or 5 they are meant for the furniture, and will override properly made AO's. Full Perms will allow you to inbuilt them into your products. Please read Terms of service for more detailed info about perms. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking TOS!

Unless stated differently, [RNP] Animations are not usable for Animation Overiders, nor HUD that is not able to handle positions setup.

A lot of things will affect animations: shoes, high heels, and most of all avatar's height and shape. You might find animations names too long for usage in all kind of helpers or for showing in menu - just change the name of the animation to make it shorter.

For beginners, MLP tutorial is available on this website. For more info please check SL Wiki.