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13. Step 6 - Adjust positions

Posted by Rohana Raven on February 23, 2014 at 9:50 AM

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February 2014


*** Adjust Positions ***


There is no other way to explain this but step by step, so let’s start


1. Choose pose from the menu

2. Sit on the rezzed ball

* or sit on the ball and choose pose, it really doesn’t matter

3. Go back to Main menu

4. Click on OPTIONS button to open Options menu

5. Click Adjust Pos button - the beam in corresponding color will show ( corresponding with the ball you are sitting at)


Use object manipulation tools to set the pose in wanted positions.


6. Click Save Pos button in Options menu. MLP will chat the position on the screen.


At this point, there are two approaches to configuring .POSITIONS.*** notecard.


As the position is already chatted on the screen, you may copy it from the local chat window and paste it into .POSITIONS.*** notecard, or, you might want to finish with part of the job and click Dump Pos button in Options menu. Whatever you choose:


7. Open local chat window, copy positions and paste them into .POSITIONS.*** notecard. Save notecard.

8. When you finish with positioning of the animations, you need to load them into the memory of MLP. So, in order to MLP re-read new positions:

- Click ShutDown Button in Options menu

- Choose Pos Reset Button and be patient till MLP finish the job


But, let me explain structure of position line. Let's say we have set up position for single sit:


{F1} <0.27,0.925,0.02> <-90.,5.5,0.>


{NameOf thePose as it is configured in .MENUITEMS.*** notecard} <x,y,z position> <x,y,z rotation>


For couple animation it would be:

{C1} <0.27,0.925,0.02> <-90.,5.5,0.> <-0.106,1.264,0.874> <-7.2,2.5,-85.7>


{NameOf thePose as it is configured in .MENUITEMS.*** notecard} <MALE x,y,z position> <MALE x,y,z rotation> <FEMALE x,y,z position> <FEMALE x,y,z rotation>



Please note: in this line we have two sets of positions and rotations. First set will apply to Male poseball, and second set for Female poseball. Why in this order? Because opening line in .MENUITEMS.*** notecards say so:


MENU Couples | ALL | BLUE | PINK |


In standard poseballs symbolic, Blue color of the poseball will always refer to male one, and pink to female one.


Setting single animation is simple, but what about couples? Simply, set them to wanted position according to each other, than, select both beams with the shift button and place them on the object. Don’t forget to click Save Pos button!


Before we finish this tutorial, let's review some tips and tricks
















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