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4. MLP - First look into content

Posted by Rohana Raven on February 23, 2014 at 9:55 AM

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February 2014


***  First look into content ***


Let see what is in the bowel of MLP whale. Open the content of MLP prim.


Stop cursing and get back on that chair. Of all that list of notecards you see in this moment, you will need to keep only two! Everything else is in your hands. Beside long list of the notecards, you will also see some animations, sound, some objects and ton of scripts.


- Scripts: all you should worry about is that you do not delete some of them, as MLP will not work


- Notecards: all you need to keep from those are .MENUITEMS - that controls MLP as such and OPTIONS menu and

                        - .POSITIONS notecards that holds default positions of all 6 poseballs.


- Animations, sounds, props - you will learn to add the one you want/need. Animations have to be in the content menu, sounds and props are optional, and won't be theme of this level.  


- Objects - object named ~ball is in fact the ball that will be rezzed in MLP using. There is only one in content. The same one will be rezzed for all your needs either you use 1 or 6 avatars. It is scripted object and will do what you tell it to do. The one is all you need. Do not delete it!


Object ~MLP Tools - additional needed scripts, as it is stated in the title of the object is just a box with some additional and useful MLP scripts. We will cover only part of them on this level. It doesn’t have to be in MLP, but it is always useful to be in your inventory.


You will control MLP with .MENUITEMS.*** and .POSITIONS.*** notecards ( where *** represents whatever word  you want to) , your own notecards that will contain the setting you want.


But, let’s take one step back, and get known better with the OPTIONS menu






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