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3. MLP - first touch

Posted by Rohana Raven on February 23, 2014 at 9:55 AM

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February 2014


After waking up the scripts, MLP is ready for the first touch. Go ahead. Touch it. Don’t jump of the chair cause of all that text showing all over your screen. MLP starts talking to you. Actually, it is reading configuration notecards, and tells you what is he reading (well, yes, I love to think about MLP as "him").


- it will list all the .MENUITEM notecard it reads

- will list all the .POSITION notecards as well

- it will warn you if you have some animations/props/sounds missing from content, and will tell you it is ok for inbuilt animations, but to check otherwise.

- will warn you if you have more poses with the same name

- will scream you have double default position setups

- etc, etc


Let it say whatever MLP has to say and wait till it tell you it is ready! It will say: MLPV2.4z4 IW.b: READY in blue text.


Touch it again for menu!


And finally, there is a MLP Main Menu on your screen! What it contains in this moment are some example buttons that will show you the part of what MLP can do. Let’s see what we have in there at this point.


Button Example ...  will open submenu that contains some 2 avatar sits, example of rezed props and played sound, as well as some very useful system buttons - SWAP, STOP, BACK.


Button Tours ... will open submenu with sequence examples. It will require two avatars, and will not start animation till second avatar takes its place. Also, you will see some sequence specific buttons: PAUSE and RESUME, together with the SWAP, STOP, BACK buttons.


Button 6way will open submenu where you will find example of 6 rezzed balls, for 6 different avatars.


Button adj-default - we will talk about that one in a bit


Button STOP - will stop MLP and derez all the balls


Button OPTIONS - will be theme of separate explanation.


Still alive? OK, let’s move on.



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