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1. What is MLP?

Posted by Rohana Raven on February 23, 2014 at 9:55 AM

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*** What is MLP? ***


MLP - Multi Love Pose - " is a set of scripts and configuration files that enable you to put multiple poses, with different animations and avatar positions for each pose, into an object such as furniture or a HUD. Poses are selected by menu. “( from MLPV2 Wiki page)


To achieve that task, MLP is using the poseballs, rezzed from the object that contains MLP scripts.


Mostly used for sex beds, MLP is way more than just a sex engine. It has ability to rez props, play sounds and handling the sequences. It may be used for 1 up to 6 avatars.


MLP will not work with moving objects, only static ones. For example, if you want to use MLP in rocking chair, that actually rocks, avatar will stay still, sitting on the poseball, not following the rocking of the chair.


At this moment, MLP is the only set of scripts that will work as described above in OpenSim grids.


Using of MLP will ask only to handle configurations of the needed notecards. No scripting is needed at all!



 *** About creator and license ***


 From MLPV2 Wiki page


The MLP 2.x line was developed by Lear Cale over a period of three years ranging from early spring 2008 until December 2010. There have been no additional versions since then, with the latest version being 2.5c.


MLPV2 is freeware based on Miffy Fluffy's MLP; MLP is gnu-licensed.





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