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Posted by Rohana Raven on February 23, 2014 at 9:50 AM

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February 2014


*** COMMENTS ***


Line starting with // in .MENUITEMS.*** and .POSITIONS.*** notecard will be ignored by MLP. Use them to add personal comments, for example:


// female single sits


// finished


// God, is there anybody else, who actually speaks English, to write this tutorial!!

Got it? :)




Face expressions are not the part of full perm animation you want to work with, they are meant to be added with the scripts and they are not part of animator’s job. Yes, they may be added in animation upload window, but expression will play only once, and about 1 second. So, you have to choose them and add them manually to .MENUITEMS.*** notecard, like this:


 POSE C1 | M3::21|F3::21


IMPORTANT: Be sure there is NO space between animation names and face expression code!!!!


Full list of MLP available Face Expressions codes may be found here:


*** Synchronization ***


Unfortunately, there is no auto function inbuilt in MLP that will synch couple animations, they have to be resynch manually, by switching between animations. Yes, there is a trick to force two avatars to start animation together, but, it is connected to usage of the sequences, and they are not part of this tutorial.

*** Adjust default positions ***

Before you even think to start using MLP, there is one neccesary step - to adjust default positions. There is big chance you will end up upsidedown when you jump first time on MLP poseball. Correct default positions using Adjust Position tools as for any other animation, save your postions and copy them in .POSITIONS notecard. After re-loading MLP, you are free to delete .MENUITEMS.zz-default notecard.

*** MLP TOOLS ***


Among other usefull things, the first one and the one you must use everytime is script: ~MLPT-AnimPermCheck . After you finish your creation, be sure to drop this script in MLP prim. It iwill check animation perms and will notify you if there are animations with the wrong perms - meaning Copy AND Transfer.  Please note - according to TOS you are not allowed to transfer any animations with copy AND transfer perms - you have to set only one of those.

*** MORE INFO ***


After this tutorial, you are ready to move further on your own. Props, sounds, sequences, more options, more complex usage on MLP, more info ... you will find on those pages:




I am not a builder. I am not a teacher. I am an animator, who heard : " Hey, I got your animations, but have no clue what to do with them" too Manu times. As I could not find anybody who is teaching MLP in IW, I was forced to write this tutorial for beginners. So, for more advanced techniques - ask builders. For troubleshooting - ask builders. Even I do have knowledge and skills to use MLP to the maximum, I am not furniture maker, and my experience with troubles  MLP might have is not very rich. I'll tell you just one thing - [RNP] Animations do not control MLP, and can not cause any trouble. Whatever problem you have, search for it in the animations names and configuration notecards. Very often grid itself may cause you trouble. So - join the right groups, ask for help and scream all over IW you need more advanced MLP classes. Maybe someone will hear you. I was not heard, and I ended up writing this tutorial. Hope you will find it helpful :)


Happy building!


RohanaRaven Zerbino

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