☛ Shops Locations

☛ MAIN SHOP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/189/232/25

First floor: Themed and Outdoor animations. 

Second floor: Indoor animations 

☛ ADULT CENTER http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/190/236/3002 

☛ PERSONAL USE ENGINES: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/210/183/849

☛ Search the shops

☛ Search via Marketplace: enter the keyword that best describes what you are searching for.

Use "See item in Second Life" at the bottom of the listing page to teleport near the demo stand in world.

☛ Floor teleporters: click the teleporter and choose theme from the menu. Sit on the teleporter to be transfered to a spot

☛ Search engine for the Main shop only: Click the Search engine place at the top of the info panel in the main shop. Enter the keyword into the box field and click Send button.

☛ Builder's mode:Cam around the main shop to find the panel titled as the theme you are looking for. Sit on it to get transfered to desider spot.

☛ To reach other shops: Use teleports placed on [RNP] Info Panel in the Main shop: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/191/197/24


☛ Are [RNP] Animations full perm?

Full perm animation offers are to be found at Main shop and Adult center.

Please note: [RNP] is animation shop, so any kind of full perm poseballs or props are not to be expected in our offer.

Please be sure to read [RNP] TOS before purchase.

Personal use engines are meant for end-line users are they come with restricted perms


At this moment I don't have enough information about Animesh to know if [RNP] Animations will work with this new SL feature and in what way. Drop note card with your question in our Mailbox at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/187/232/25, and we will figure that out together.

☛ Usage

[RNP] Animations are made to be placed into the object with proper scripts, and, unless it is stated on the pack, they are not attachment nor AO friendly.

Requests for redoing the animations to meet the standards for attachment or AO will not be accepted.

☛ Why animations are not in full perm poseballs?

[RNP] Animations  is builder orientated shop, and we are selling our own FP creations.

Scripts are not part of it, and every poseball demands a script in order to be used as such. We don't want to sell anybody's work as our own. So, what you get are animations only!

Poseballs with restricted perms are provided only for couples animations as examples.

☛ Are there props or furniture included in the packs?

No they are not.

[RNP] is full perm animation shop and offers only FP animations for builders who should use them in creating end line design. For props/objects/meshes/sculpts needed for your further work, please visit your favourite FP mesh/sculpt creator shop.

☛ Not taking any custom work!

The reason I am not taking custom work is simply the lack of time. As much as i would love to make an exceptions sometimes, it is simply not possible - I am running one girl show, and even with all support from my family for the virtual business I need to set up some limits for myself. Sometimes request I'm getting are very hard to refuse, but I am asking you to understand that I am already managing the maximum I am able to.

☛ I have business/building partner, may I transfer animations to her/him?

Absolutely not!

You have to adjust your workflow to [RNP] TOS.

☛ May I export animations in other grids?

First of all it is technically impossible by using legal viewers. Second, if you are able to download animation on your computer by using some copyboot viewer, it will be treated as copyright infringement and legal actions will be taken.

☛ Can i transfer full perm animation?

No you can not! Full perm items as animations, sculpt maps, textures, scripts are meant to be used in your creations. Before you put it on sale, you have to be sure animations in the content box have restricted perms, so nobody could rip them off. At the end, you are the one who payed for animation, why would you give it away for free?

Details on [RNP] TOS page

☛ What do I need to use animations in furniture?

Animations in any kind of the object, HUD and AO including, are triggered by scripts. On this website, you will find beginners tutorial about MLP system. For more advanced MLP options, please check SL Wiki. For other animation systems, please check tutorials provided by creator of the system, or ask in some of the building groups for lesson schedule.

☛ Animation is not playing

- Use the latest version of your prefer viewer

- Check if you added all scripts needed  

- Reset script in the object

- Change the land

- Clear your cashe

- Try another viewer

☛ Pricing

Prices are set up in our sole discretion.

Curiosity questions about the prices at [RNP] will not be answered.

☛ WEEKEND@[RNP] questions and answers

Weekend@[RNP] sale event has been established from the very start of the [RNP] back in 2010, and with a few exceptions has been running every weekend till January 2017.

Starting January 2017 Weekend@[RNP] is running every second weekend, but exceptions may occur.

On weekend sales @ [RNP] you will find new releases at discounted price.

[RNP] weekends are not part of 60L weekend anymore.

Since January 2019, Weekend schedule has been changed.

Sales are usually starting Sunday, just after midnight SL time. There might be delay, caused by unexpected issues.

Sales are ending Monday, just after midnight SL time.

Very often [RNP] collaborate with Katy's Kreations by Katy Dirkle to bring the best possible offer to our beloved customers. 


Q: I will not be able to log Sl during this weekend. May I still get the animations on discounted price?

A: The weekend reservation option is not longer available.


Q: Katy Dirkle from Katy's Kreations has decided to *put your own thought in here* ....

A: Even [RNP] tightly collaborate with KK in order to provide the best possible offer for our beloved customers, each of us has to make her own business decisions that are best for her own shop. So, what ever decision is made by [RNP] does not apply to KK and vice versa. 

☛ May I have discount on bulk animations?

If there is bulk offer in the shop, the package will be in the shop or at Marketplace. Personal discount deals are not part of the offers @ [RNP].

☛ Engine packs

Engine packs are 35% discounted themed ready-to-use packs with AvSitter and MLP setups included.

Made as themed engines, no animation is repeated in two different engines.

With premade positioning, animation renaming, pose naming, facial expressions they are made with the purpose to save your time as well to be good financial investment.

Example poseballs, animations with original names nor individual textures are not part of the engines.

Engines may be combined with other animations or used in another manner than presented as long as the TOS is respected.

Engines are available for purchase on Markeplace only, while detailed demo stands are placed in the shops - to reach the demos, please use See Item in Second Life link at the bottm of the listing page.

Instructions on engines: http://thenestoftheraven.webs.com/animationtutorials.htm

To find the [RNP] engine offer, just type word "Engine" in the search box

Please note: Personal use engines offer is meant for endline users and comes with the restricted perms!

☛ I have bought engine and individual packs as well, may I be refunded?

Engines and individual packs are treated as separate products, so they can not be subject of refund.

☛ I have all the animations you have used in the engine, may I have a setup notecard?

Setup Notecards are available only in Engine packs and can not be distributed separately

☛ How can I know if [RNP] Animations would fit my furniture?

You can not. Your back seat might be rotated more, your armrest can be higher or lower. If you want to give your customers an option to set up animation to furniture as best as possible, take some time to look out for a info about AVsitter. For more tips and tricks join some of the building groups like Builder's Brewery

☛ I have working alt, can i transfer FP animations to her/him?

Second Life sales are account/avatar based.

Account holder is responsible for all account actions.

License and TOS applies to account that made purchase and account holder.

By purchasing [RNP] animations you agreed to a LICENSE for LIMITED USE and [RNP] TOS.

Account holder is NOT allowed to share animations with his/hers other accounts.

Individual transfer license approved by RohanaRaven Zerbino are not available.

I understand need for life changing at some points, but it is your responsibility to take care of your business accounts, or to be sure you made purchase with the proper account.

☛ How to set up perms in my creations?

Please read [RNP] TOS page.

☛ I made double purchase, what to do?

Since 20. May 2018. Casper System at [RNP] shops has been set to disallow double purchase.

Double purchases made on marketplace will be refunded for the amount received, not for the price on the MP listing.

☛ I have bought the wrong animation, can you refund me?

There is no refund on FP items.

All sales are final!

☛ Marketplace

If you prefer online shoping, please do visit [RNP] Markeplace shop: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26426?

To exam the animation in world, please use "See Item in Second Life" link at the bottom of the listing page. It will land you few meters from the demo post.

The important details about the animations at marketplace are to be found on the image.

If, for any reason you have problems with delivering from Marketplace, please do visit one of Redelivery terminals placed in the shops. The main redelivery teminal may be found in here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/185/192/24

If problem persist, do send me your TH report by dropping the notecard in our mailbox at this spot: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/185/192/24

Advice: Please do read the informations on the listing page and do exam the animation in the shop before purchase.

All sales are final

☛ Grid Invitations

 As much as I would like to support new opened/small/smaller grids I simply do not have time for that. I know you need full perm creators on the grid if you want to develop it, but it is simply impossible for me to dedicate more time into a new grid. I am running one girl show, and even with all support from my family for the virtual business I need to set up some limits for myself. Sometimes offers I'm getting are very hard to refuse, but I am asking you to understand that I am already managing the maximum I am able to.

Personal supplies are not possible for any grid

☛ I have suggestion for animations

If you have suggestion for animations, please be kind to drop notecard in Mailbox at the entrance of the shop:


All interesting suggestions will be added on my To Do list, but if and when they will be released will depend of many factors.

Thank you all in advance for your suggestions.

☛ "Out of curiosity" questions

"The expression "Out of curiosity" means that the asker is asking, not because they really need to know the answer, but because they are curious."

This category questions will not be answered.

If I find any of them interesting, they will be answered on this page.

☛ Contact - please do read!

Second Life: Please drop your NC in Mailbox on one of following locations:

Main Shop: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/182/230/25

Adult Center:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Krystaland/179/231/3002            

My time zone is SLT+9, or, if you prefer, GMT+1

For purchase problems, be sure to provide Transaction History report with your message.

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for on this page, please be sure to describe your issue the best you can, so I could assist you with your problem the best possible way.

If the answer is provided on this page, your question in world will not be answered.