Katy's Kreations by Katy Dirkle

http://buildersbargains.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/katys-kreations-teal-logo-2013.jpgFull permission mesh, sculpties, poses & textures for builders & furniture designers. Furniture Sculpt. Mesh Furniture. Building supplies. 100% original creations. Original mesh.

AVsitter™ 2.0

This website contains video tutorials as well as detailed instructions and examples for the AVsitter2™ pose system for SecondLife®

Black Tulip by Auryn Beorn

Bringing your Imagination to Life: Scripts, animations, mesh, textures, business and education tools, and the most complete books with tutorials about Blender and creating in SL.

Builders Brewery

http://primperfectblog.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/builders-brewery.pngEstablished in 2008, the Builders Brewery is proudly recognized as one of the busiest and most loved premier schools for content creators in a Virtual World.  The Builders Brewery hosts well over 50 free classes every week, each taught by some of the most respected and celebrated professionals in Virtual Worlds.

In addition to our very active school and many popular events, we run one of the largest and most active content creator's help groups on the grid, the "Builders Brewery" group.